Fazzari + Partners LLP Merges With Equity Trends Valuations Inc., And Launches Fazzari Valuations Inc.

Vaughan, ON: Today, Fazzari + Partners LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, a Canadian accounting firm operating out of Vaughan, Ontario, announced the launch of subsidiary company Fazzari Valuations Inc., the result of a merger between Fazzari + Partners LLP and Equity Trends Valuations Inc. that took place on January 1, 2017. Fazzari Valuations Inc. represents a significant expansion of the Fazzari + Partners LLP portfolio of services to now include a business and personal valuations division. The launch of Fazzari Valuations Inc. takes place in concert with the naming of Douglas Craig, CBV, CPA, founder of Equity Trends Valuations Inc., as also a Partner of Fazzari + Partners LLP.

Discussing the launch of Fazzari Valuations Inc. Douglas Craig, CBV, CPA, said, “This is really the evolution of a relationship that has been growing over a number of years. From my experience operating Equity Trends Valuations, I have had the opportunity to connect with and drive value for many clients, lawyers, accountants and many others that have relied on the valuation services that I have provided. Now, with Fazzari Valuations, I’m excited to have the opportunity to expand that impact above and beyond what I was able to do operating independently.”

Spearheading the push behind Fazzari Valuations Inc., Carlo Viola, Partner at Fazzari + Partners LLP and Valuations Managing Director alongside Douglas Craig, CBV, CPA explained, “Launching Fazzari Valuations is an important next step for Fazzari + Partners LLP. At the end of the day, valuations is all about helping individuals and business owners operate with a better understanding of their assets. This is something our existing clients and contacts requested, so we are excited to deliver on their need.”

Valuations play a significant role in the business operations and personal lives of many in Canada and the United States. From tax compliance, succession and estate planning, to mergers and acquisitions and to personal and matrimonial disputes, valuations are about finding a trusted partner committed to understanding the nuances of each specific case in determining a value for business owners, individuals, and families alike.

“We care deeply about all our clients and contacts so are always looking for new ways to better their experience with Fazzari + Partners LLP,” said Frank Fazzari, Managing Partner of Fazzari + Partners LLP. “We see Fazzari Valuations as an opportunity to not only expand our services, but also to enhance our relationship with all those that we come in contact with on an ongoing basis. Bring Doug on board, with his CBV (Certified Business Valuator) should enhance the services already delivered by Fazzari + Partners LLP and further the trust clients and contacts have in asking us to assist with one of the most important aspect of their lives. Accordingly, we are excited about the future.”